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Online courses

Enroll for one of the courses below.

Homeowner Course
The Firewise Landscaping course is designed for people living in wildland areas who make decisions about landscaping their homes. The course considers the issues of appropriate landscape designs, specific planting and pruning alternatives, and appropriate planting materials for interface/intermix fire environments. It has three parts: an Overview, Design/Installation and Maintenance. It also includes a virtual Firewise landscaping model you can use to visualize design alternatives. The course takes approximately three hours to complete. Enroll now.

Forestry Professionals Course
Conducting a Community Assessment in the Wildland/Urban Interface: Beginning the Firewise Process is a course for fire and forestry professionals and others who want to help residents of areas at risk from wildfire to make their homes safer. Taking this course provides you with a thorough understanding of how homes ignite during wildfires, how simple actions can greatly reduce home ignitions, and how community behavior change can create Firewise homes and communities. This course is broken into eight lessons; each takes 30 and 45 minutes to complete. Enroll now.

Firefighters Course
Firefighter Safety in the Wildland/Urban Interface addresses problems faced by structural and wildland firefighters when fighting fires, especially those threatening structures in the wildland/urban interface. An important goal is to expand your knowledge of firefighter safety and survival issues. The course has three parts: Understanding Fire Behavior in the WUI, Structure Protection Strategies in the WUI and Firefighter Safety in the WUI. The entire course takes approximately four hours to complete. Enroll now.